Business zone Beli Manastir, with its full name “Crafts and SMEs Zone” has three different locations:

    1. THE NORTH ZONE: Located on the road leading to the Republic of Hungary (State Road D7); It includes two separate locations, one in an area of 73,454 m2 and the other an area of 178 700 m2.


    1. THE SOUTH ZONE: is located on the road to the City of Osijek (State Road D7); It includes the area from 201,345 m2. The average size of the lot is approximately 2,800 m2 and this zone has a total of 35 construction lots.


  1. THE WEST ZONE Located on the road to cities of Belišće and Valpovo (state road D517); It includes the area from 182,422 m2. It is divided into 45 construction lots ranging from 1,500 m2 to 5,000 m2. This location has the following utilities:

    – Internet (available speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s)
    – Phone
    – Gas
    – Electricity
    – Water Supply
    – Wastewater management
    – Paved roads (80%)

Users of the business zone

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